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What's a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

The Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

  • Requires the minimum of a Master's Degree in Social Work

  • Refers to those licensed by a state board to provide Social Work based clinical/mental health services

  • Must adhere to high standards regarding ethics and confidentiality as provided by the state board. Usually involves signing an ethics pledge or oath.

  • Can be involved in direct therapy with patients in private practice.

  • Might be a leader or part of a team conducting research for a university or private enterprise.

  • Uses researched based strengths based social work approach to treating clients.

  • Engages and participates in ongoing educational trainings to remain current on current trends in the field to best serve clients and train newly emerging professionals in the field.

  • Can assess and make clinically sound evaluations of clients' mental health and diagnose mental illness.

  • Make judgments on the best course of treatments based upon current clinical research in the social work field.

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